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About this Blog and NJ Tourism

Well I’ve thought about it and finally decided that a blog would be good for AboutNewJersey.com. I wasn’t sure, with already having the messageboard, but certain topics lend themselves better to a blog. It allows me to get my thoughts out and is more of a news vehicle. There may be some overlapping, but that is to be expected.

On the AboutNewJersey.com blog, which still needs a name, I will be discussing the NJ tourism industry. I may give reports on the conventions and travel shows I attend, or about what the state is doing in regards to tourism. I may also highlight various attractions that I feel deserve special attention, or that I just plain want to talk about.

I plan on restricting my discussion of New Jersey politics to what I see needs to be done to attract businesses and visitors to New Jersey, not to mention keeping New Jerseyans spending their money LOCALLY.

Obviously the key thing I will have to do is keep it updated. I don’t know how often I will post. I am hoping that at least once a week I will have the time.

In addition, I plan on including projects I am involved with, such as website development outside of AboutNewJersey.com or organizations I’m a part of.